by CAT
4/ 5

From the first sight you know that this phone is tough: it is constructed with an aluminum-reinforced frame and meets military-grade standards such as Spec 810G rating. And it's also IP68 dust and water resistant, and can survive 1.8-meter drops on concrete.But this phone not just about its super-tough construction: it has three awesome super powers. The first one is a FLIR thermal imaging camera. Additionally, the Cat S61 features an innovative Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) sensor. Last, but not least, the Cat S61 features... lasers! A tiny laser beam comes out of the back of the phone and can measure things of up to 10 meters distance.


  • Big display
  • Water-resistant phone
  • High-resolution camera
  • Lots of RAM
  • Dual SIM card support