LG V30S ThinQ

by LG
4/ 5

The LG V30S ThinQ is here to introduce us to LG's approach to artificial intelligence on mobile and to show us how AI can make a good smartphone an even better one. A primary use for the phone's AI algorithms is to recognize various scenes and objects. Right now there are 8 scenes that can be recognized by the LG V30S: Portrait, Animal, City, Flower, Sunrise, Sunset, Food, and Landscape. QLens is another AI feature built into the phone's camera app. It is designed to let you search for a particular product on Amazon by taking a photo of it using the LG V30S. On the hardware front, the LG V30S is nearly identical to last year's LG V30 despite the "S" in its name.

alternative name: LG V30S+ ThinQ


  • High screen-to-body ratio
  • Water-resistant phone
  • Lightweight phone
  • Thin body, measuring less than 7.5mm/0.3inches
  • Extremely high pixel density screen
  • High-resolution camera
  • Lots of RAM