LG Cookie Style

by LG
4/ 5

LG Cookie Style phone2G phone with extended functionality with 2.8-inch perceiving the screen 2MP room. Probably indicates audioplayer, FM Transmission with integrated antenna, 3.5mm headphone Jack and location microSD about memory.

Carrier: Tracfone

alternative name: LG T310, LG Plum, LG Wink Style, LG 800G


  • Small dimensions


  • No Wi-Fi
  • Slow data means slow Internet browsing
  • Low pixel density screen
  • Resistive touchscreen technology means its display is less sensitive than you would like it to be
  • Low resolution display
  • The camera lacks autofocus
  • The camera lacks flash
  • No an ambient light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment
  • No a proximity sensor that turns the display оff during a phone call