Nokia 2125i / 2128i / 2126

by Nokia
4/ 5

Nokia 2125i - phone CDMA original values with Nokia. Probably be in the bar figures factor and has an internal antenna. Probably plunged into the act 1070Mah metal-heteropolar battery and has a built-in projection. 2125i more talented Island and possesses 65k multi-color screen

Carriers: Verizon , MetroPCS , U.S. Cellular , Qwest , Tracfone


  • No rear camera
  • No microSD slot for storage expansion
  • It is so thick it needs a personal fitness trainer
  • No an e-mail client
  • No a standard (3.5mm) headphones jack
  • Proprietary USB connector - have to use its cable instead of a standard microUSB
  • No an ambient light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment