AT&T-Wireless mobile phones list

    G4020 is dual-band GSM phone which features external LCD, GPRS data, WAP browser, J2ME, IM client and

    Audiovox SMT5600 is the smallest Microsoft Mobile powered smartphone. It features 65k TFT display, built-in VGA camera, miniSD card slot, Bluetooth, streaming multimedia, polyphonic ringtones,...

    Nokia 6651 is the American version of the already announced in Europe/Asia Nokia 6650. It is a UMTS (WCDMA) capable phone with TFT display, Bluetooth, IR, JAVA and runs Series 40

    Audiovox PPC 4100 is tri-band Pocket PC 2003 device with built-in phone functionality. Main features are 240x320 65k TFT display, 400 Mhz CPU, touch screen, GPRS, Email and Web

    Motorola V180 is global roaming GSM phone and offers MP3 playback, JAVA, speakerphone and 65k color

    The Motorola A845 is going to be the first UMTS (WCDMA) phone for the US that supports the 1900 MHz UMTS band, on which the AT&T UMTS network will operate once launched. The phone itself is identical...

    Nokia N-Gage QD is the sucessor of the original N-Gage. It support multiplayer 3D games in N-Gage Arena and features RealOne, and

    Samsung SGH-E316 is dual band GSM phone with TFT main and external displays, VGA camera and instant

    LG L1100 is global roaming GSM camera phone. It sports color display, built-in VGA camera, GPRS data, Infrared, J2ME, WAP browser, voice recording and voice-activated dialing. The L1150 model also...

    Sony Ericsson T637 is global roaming GSM phone. It sports 65k color display, VGA camera, GPRS data, Push-To-Talk, polyphonic ringtones, Internet browser and J2ME support. The phone supports both Java...

    LG C1300 features color display, GPRS data, digital TTY, MMS, WAP browser, E-Mail support and

    This GSM device sports color display, GPRS high-speed data, digital TTY, USB, E-Mail client, full QWERTY keyboard, J2ME, WAP browser and PIM

    This GSM device features color display, MMC card slot, digital TTY, GPRS data, FM Radio, MMS support, MP3 player, polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone, SyncML, voice dialing, J2ME, E-mail client and...

    Motorola V220 is tri-band global roaming GSM phone. It features VGA camera, 65k color display, speakerphone and web

    Samsung SGH-X426 / X427 is a dual-band GSM phone. It features 65k color display, WAP 1.2.1 Internet vrowser, Java support and 40-chord polyphonic

    This dual-band GSM phone features custom graphics and ringtones, GPRS high-speed data, digital TTY, EMS picture messaging, polyphonic ringing tones, distinctive ring and WAP

    Motorola v60t (color) features color display, voice-dialing and memo and web

    Motorola MPx200 is global roaming GSM phone and features 65k color TFT display, Java and runs Microsoft Windows Mobile 2002 for

    This global roaming GSM phone features color display, built-in camera, Bluetooth, digital TTY, polyphonic ringing tones, speakerphone, MMS and EMS support, Picture ID, Ringer ID, SyncML, J2ME support...

    Very similar to 6210 / 6230 but has 850 US frequency support instead of the 900 European one. Another new feature is the built-in

    Nokia 6620, the successor of 6600, is EDGE capable global roaming Smart GSM phone with Java support, Bluetooth, 65k color TFT display and VGA camera. It runs Series 60 platform over Symbian

    This dual-band GSM phone features color display, optional camera, custom covers, graphics and ringtones, GPRS high-speed data, digital TTY, EMS and MMS support, polyphonic ringing tones, Picture ID,...

    This dual-band GSM phone features color display, polyphonic ringtones, digital TTY/TDD, distinctive ring, SyncML, MMS and EMS support, J2ME, xHTML browser and voice

    Siemens SL56 is one of the smallest global roaming GSM phones. It features Java, MMS, email, web browsing and voice-memo, dialing and

    Motorola V500 shares the same platform as the V600, but does not play video clips. The V500 has built-in camera, Bluetooth, Java, global roaming, MMS and voice

    Nokia 3620 features dual-band operating, Bluetooth, Java, wireless browsing, Symbian operating system, 65k colod

    Nokia 3200 is global roaming GSM phone, which features EDGE high speed data plus GPRS, HSCSD, voice memos, color display and camera, Java and MMS. The european version has 900mhz support instead of...

    Motorola C353t is color TDMA phone and features wireless browsing, voice dial, PIM functionality and iTAP predictive text

    Siemens M56 is dual-band GSM phone, which features GPRS high speed data, MMS, color display, email and web browsing

    Sony Ericsson T226 is small dual-band GSM phone, featuring GPRS, polyphonic ringtones, MMS, and web

    Nokia 6560 is color TDMA phone, featuring analog roaming, Java, internet browser and voice dialing and

    Blackberry 7280 is wireless GSM handheld device, featuring full backlit QWERTY keyboard, GPRS, Java and internet

    SonyEricsson 616 is global roaming GSM, with color display, Bluetooth, JAVA, camera, speaker phone and GPRS high speed

    NEC 525 is quad-band global roaming GSM phone, featuring color camera, JAVA, web capability, MMS and EMS

    The RIM 7230 and 7210 are identical, except 7210 lack 1800 Mhz network support. The phone feature large color display, Java, GPRS high speed data and web

    NEC 515 is global roaming quad-band GSM phone, featuring 65k color TFD display, Java, web and email capability, GPRS high speed

    Treo 600 is quad-band global roaming GSM phone running Palm OS 5. It features GPRS high speed data, full keyboard, color display, color camera, web browser and

    This global roaming GSM phone features color display, optional camera, custom ringtones, graphics and covers, high-speed GPRS data, speakerphone, MMS support, Wireless Internet Browser, J2ME support...

    This world enabled GSM device features GPRS high-speed data, PIM feature, E-mail support, J2ME support and wireless Internet. 6230 adds 1800 Mhz European roaming

    This dual-band TDMA phone features custom graphics, ringtones and covers, EMS picture messaging, picture ID, ringer profiles and PIM feature. 8265i model adds blue back light and WAP

    This TDMA phone features polyphonic rings, EMS picture messaging, digital TTY, custom ringtones and

    This dual-band GSM phone features color display, high speed GPRS data, GPS location, polyphonic ringtones, custom graphics, ringtones and faceplates, digital TTY, EMS, MMS support, voice dialing,...