CellularOne-West mobile phones list

    LG AX5000 is a Dual-Mode Tri-band phone, using CDMA 800/1900MHz and AMPS 800MHz, which features 65k color display and VGA camera with LED

    Motorola E310 CDMA wireless phone features 4k color display, second external display, BREW application support, 1xRTT data, GPS location, polyphonic rigntones, wireless Internet browser,...

    Kyocera Energi is a CDMA phone with color display and features cdma2000 1xRTT data, GPS location, wireless browser, BREW, Flashlight, USB port, digital TTY and voice-activated

    Nokia 3587i features high speed data, E911 support, Java and

    Similar to Motorola V260, Motorola V265 adds VGA camera and features BREW, MP3 ringtones and user independent voice

    Motorola V260 is entry model CDMA clamshell phone with interchangeable covers, MP3 ringtones, BREW and speaker-independent voice

    Motorola V180 is global roaming GSM phone and offers MP3 playback, JAVA, speakerphone and 65k color

    The CDMA Audiovox CDM-8910 features 65k TFT display, built-in VGA camera, BREW support, J2ME, WAP browser, GPS location, 1xRTT data, digital TTY, speakerphone, MMS, polyphonic ringing tones, USB,...

    LG VX-3200 is an entry model CDMA phone with color display and is the update of the LG VX-3100

    Nokia 6015i is dual band AMPS/CDMA phone with 4096 colors display, speakerphone and Web

    Based on Nokia's own CDMA2000 1X chipset, the Nokia 6255 phone integrates an impressive list of features into its compact 4.2-ounce, fold-style design. Dual color screens, MMC memory card support, a...

    Kyocera Aktiv is CDMA phone. It sports color display, cdma2000 1X, BREW application support, built-in flashlight, polyphonic ringtones, GPS, EMS, Web access and voice-activated

    Kyocera SoHo is clamshell CDMA phone. It features color display, second external caller ID display, speakerphone, polyphonic ringtones, BREW, E-mail client, Internet browsing, EMS and voice-activated...

    UTStarcom (Audiovox) CDM-8930 is dual-band CDMA plus AMPS phone. It features 262k color TFT display, built-in 1.3 megapixels camera, GPS, built-in speakerphone, voice commands, recording and...

    LG VX6100 is tri-mode CDMA phone. It sports 262k color display, built-in camera, GPS, digital TTY, Internet browser, voice recording and voice activated

    Motorola V220 is tri-band global roaming GSM phone. It features VGA camera, 65k color display, speakerphone and web

    This tri-mode CDMA phone features color display, GPS location, 1xRTT high-speed data, BREW application support, polyphonic ringing tones, voice dialing and Internet browser. KE 414 - grayscale...

    This CDMA phone features color display, built-in camera, external display, digital TTY, GPS location, polyphonic ringtones, BREW application support, ringer ID, MMS and EMS support, voice dialing,...

    Small sliding style phone, Kyocera SE47 is CDMA phone with speakerphone, Brew, EMS and

    Motorola C353t is color TDMA phone and features wireless browsing, voice dial, PIM functionality and iTAP predictive text

    Sansubg SCH-A670 is CDMA dual-band phone, featuring high speed data, built-in camera, Brew and color

    Nokia 6560 is color TDMA phone, featuring analog roaming, Java, internet browser and voice dialing and

    Tri-mode CDMA/AMPS phone, featuring 65k TFT color display, speaker phone, external display, high speed data and

    Tri-mode CDMA/AMPS phones, featuring polyphonic ringer, BREW, GPS location, speaker phone, Voice

    This CDMA phone features color display, GPS, high-speed data, speakerphone, J2ME feature and Internet browsing

    Tri-Mode CDMA phone, featuring T9 predictive text input, 65k color display (inner) and blue outer display, BREW, high speed 1xRTT data, speaker phone and polyphonic

    This CDMA phone features custom faceplates and ringtones, digital TTY, PIM feature, Internet browsing capabilities, voice recording and voice

    The v60i phone features custom faceplates and ringtones, PIM feature, wireless Internet, voice memo and voice

    This CDMA phone with color display features GPS, high-speed data transfers, MMC card slot, speakerphone, infrared, other important feature is TouchScreen, Palm OS 4.1 and Media Player which plays MP3...

    This TDMA phone features wireless Internet, 2-way SMS messaging, Voice recognition driven dialing and menu

    This TDMA phone features digital TTY, EMS picture messaging, Infrared, custom ringtones, PIM features, voice dialing and recording, wireless Internet