Sprint-Nextel mobile phones list

    Motorola ic902 is hi-tech iDEN-CDMA hybrid with 2-megapixel camera and music player with dedicated keys. It has stereo speakers, memory slot and internet browser, supporting GPS, EV-DO and...

    Motorola ic402 is hybrid between iDEN and CDMA phone in clamshell design. It lacks external display and its internal one is mediocre, as the ic402 is low-end phone with basic

    The successor of the i870 is Multimedia-oriented phone operating in IDEN networks. It has music player with dedicated keys and stereo speakers, 2-megapixel camera and two color displays, Bluetooth...

    The successor of the i605 has the same functionality in slightly redesigned candybar body with external antenna. The i615 IDEN phone has 262k color display and features

    The Motorola ic502 is hybrid clamshell phone that operates in iDEN but uses CDMA for data. The rugged body is 0.87" thick and houses two displays. The phone also features GPS and

    The Motorola i670 is iDEN clamshell phone with Push-To-Talk support and Voice Dialing. It has 130x130 pixels, 65k color display, WAP internet browser and

    The i580 is high-end rugged clamshell IDEN phone with high-speed WiDEN data and PTT. It two color displays, slot for memory card and features music player, as well as Bluetooth and

    The RIM 7100i brings the 7100 series to IDEN networks and adds a stub-retractable antenna to the phone bar form-factor. The device features HTML browser, EMAIL, and MMS, and a SureType QWERTY...

    Motorola i870 is clamshell IDEN phone featuring multimedia features like music player with music-dedicated keys, and digital camera that can snap videos. It also features Bluetooth, Speakerphone, and...

    Motorola i560 is the little brother of the i760, featuring smaller display size, but rugged protected body. It is in clamshell form-factor and has stub antenna, and external greyscale display. It...

    Motorola i760 is a iDEN clamshell phone with stub antenna and dual color screens. It supports MP3 format and has internal 262k display. It also features phone book with capacity of 600 names and...

    Motorola i850 is a IDEN clamshell phone that features 262 k color display and built-in VGA camera with self-timer and digital zoom. It has an external

    Motorola i275 is iDEN phone with built-in 310k pixel camera and 65k color display. It features web/email, MMS, GPS, walkie-talkie and downloadable games/ringtones/wallpapers for

    Motorola i355 is iDEN 800 simple phone featuring PTT and MMS in rugged protected body. It is certified to meet Military Specifications. i355 features GPS, Java, color display and

    Motorola i930 is an iDEN smartphone operating on Windows Mobile 2003 SE OS. It also adds tri-band GSM frequencies for global roaming. The i930 features a built-in camera with flash and video record...

    Motorola i605 is the first iDEN phone with Bluetooth built-in. Other features include GPS, Java, and

    Motorola i325 is iDEN phone. It features 4k display, WAP 1.1 Internet browser, Java support, GPS, Push-to talk button and

    Motorola i315 is the fisrts iDEN supporting Direct Talk - a walkie-talkie feature which is used when outside the carreirs coverage area. The range of the Direct Talks is about 1 to 8 miles between...

    Motorola i265 is iDEN phone which features 65k TFT display, Java, speakerphone and voice

    Blackberry 7520, the successor of 7510, features 65k color display, QWERTY keyboard, 32 MB shared memory, Bluetooth, GPS, Push-to-Talk button, USB, Java and PC

    Motorola i860 is first iDEN camera phone. It sports 262k color TFT display, GPS location, J2ME, polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone, digital TTY, voice recording and voice

    Motorola i710 is an iDEN phone and features color display, One-Touch PTT, GPS location, built-in Internet Microbrowser, J2ME, polyphonic ringtones, speakerphone, voice-activated dialing and voice...

    The one of the smallest iDEN phones to date. Features 65k color display, speakerphone, and JAVA. The i833 is the same as i830 but features design by the Pininfarina

    RIM 7510 is the first color iDEN device. It features 65k color screen, Java, speakerphone and web

    This iDEN mode phone features custom ringing tones, GPS location, Push-To-Talk, distinctive ring, speakerphone, voice dialing, voice recording and wireless

    Motorola i305 is certified for military stadard 810 F for blwoing rain, humidity, and salt fog. Additional features are speakerphone, push-to-talk and

    Motorla I700 is iDEN phone featuring large 65k color display, Java, speaker phone and voice

    This iDEN phone features GPS, speakerphone, digital TTY/TDD, distinctive ring, wireless Internet, voice recording and voice

    This iDEN phone features speakerphone, digital TTY/TDD, wireless Internet. Equipped with rubber grip for better handling this phone meets military standard 810 C/D/E for resistance to dust, shock and...

    This iDEN device features large black & white display, Integrated PDA with BlackBerry OS, J2ME support and Internet

    This iDEN phone features speakerphone, digital TTY, support for sending faxes and wireless

    This iDEN phone features speakerphone, custom faceplates, wireless Internet and voice activated

    This iDEN phone features protective rubberized over-mold, GPS (i58sr), speakerphone, digital TTY, J2ME, Internet browsing capabilities and voice

    This iDEN phone features color display, speakerphone, digital TTY/TDD, custom downloadable MIDI ringtones, J2ME , wireless Internet, voice dialing and voice

    This dual-mode iDEN/GSM phone features speakerphone, digital TTY and Internet browsing

    This iDEN phone features speakerphone, digital TTY, custom faceplates, Internet browsing capabilities, voice recording and voice activated

    This iDEN phone features speakerphone, digital TTY, ringer profiles, J2ME support, wireless Internet, voice recording and voice

    This iDEN phone features GPS (i88s only), speakerphone, digital TTY, J2ME support, wireless Internet, voice memo and voice activated

    This iDEN phone features speakerphone, digital TTY, ringer profiles, PIM feature, J2ME support, wireless Internet, voice memo and voice